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I Pledged To Do All I Could To Ease Their Pain

Their Suffering Would Not Be In Vain

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Name:Philip Trommler
Birthdate:May 31
The main protagonist of Die Ehrenvoll Nazi.

In summation: born to a middle-ish class family in pre-WW2 Germany, WW2 broke out as he grew up and his brother Karsten jumped at the chance to get into the military. A tactical genius with a craving for power, he rose up in the ranks fairly quickly, and stayed on top as the war went on. But all his life he'd been under the delusion his parents unfairly favored Philip. They didn't, but that didn't matter, as Karsten now had the power to jump his brother into the military, specifically into the suicide mission that was the Russian front in order to kill him off and be the only child, thus finally having the love he craved.

And that's the first act. Then shit goes wrong.

Philip is sweet, kind, relentlessly determined, desperate to prove himself to his brother and be worth something, and operating under the delusion that his work as a medic on the front lines will help him towards his dream of being a doctor. He's a very devout Catholic, he doesn't agree with the Nazi ideals, he's initially a wide eyed idealist, and he is endlessly faced with situations that chip away at his sanity.

Along the way there's symbolism I haven't figured out, a love story that ends exactly as poorly as you'd think, a lot of moments of hope in the face of despair, and a recurring motif of glass. It's that kind of novel.

Canonpoint is post-canon, so... spoilers. Sorry.
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